Shopping in Saly

Although the Petite Cote & Saly do not have the same opportunities for shopping as major towns such as Dakar and Saint Louis, the local markets offer a unique selection of arts and crafts that are sure to catch your eye.

Regional instruments such as the djembé drum will make a great souvenirs.

The Petite Cote & Saly Shopping Guide suggests some markets and shops you may like to visit. After a day of bargain shopping, take a seat at one of our recommended Petite Cote & Saly Restaurants for some local cuisine. For information about shopping in Sengal see our Senegal Shopping Guide.

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Shopping in Petite Cote & Saly

saly center market Top

Saly center market is on of the best supermarket of the corner well situated in the road way among 400 m of lamatin hotel this supermaket multi function with a pharmcy upstairs a wellness spa ,kids training club ,a barber shop ,and much facilities

saly/route de ngaparou
Tel: 339574141

shopping in saly Top

The only Saly class place, the prices are reasonable !! The casino is small but nice :) easy parking, security top !!

route de saly
Tel: 779397272