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Day Visitor Guided Game Drives

Come to Fathala Lodge Senegal and enjoy a typical African bush experience with our guided tours in an open game viewing vehicle. See family herds of the rare West African giant derby eland – only found in this part of the world – as well as other antelope species, such as roan, waterbuck and bushbuck. Also to be seen are giraffes, rhino, buffalo, warthog as well as red colobus, green vervet and red patas monkeys and exquisitely coloured bird species amongst the giant African mahogany trees. Binoculars are advisable as animal and bird sightings are not always close by.

Durations: Approx. 2 Hours
Includes: Guided Game Drive, vehicle and guide
Also Available: Self-drive or hire a Fathala vehicle. Refer to additional charges on rate sheet