About Us

Our Name : In French, the official language of Senegal, "Réaliser ses rêves" means "make dreams come true".

Our Team :

Meissa is this always smiling guy, in good mood, and efficient trilingual manager (English, French and Wolof) dealing particularly with the travelers, helping them to create the route of the travel, making all the bookings for them, welcoming them at their arrival at the airport, always available for them for tips, or any kind of help or piece of advice.

Jérôme is the creator of the agency, passionated with West Africa and especially Senegal, passionated with culture, believing hard in a way of travelling mixing travelers and local inhabitants to create the best conditions of a real meeting, crossing, exchanging, genuine adventure.

 Our Aim :

For the travelers : to give the possibility to choose even the little details of their travel, to conceive the whole route and activities of their travel, matching their wishes with our knowledge of the country,

For people living in the country : give them access to tourism income, largely eaten by big structures.

We always thought that this double advantage (for the travelers and for people living in the country) was easier to reach by emphasing and focusing on meeting between both, introducing each to the other. Unknowing the name, we were already acting for sustainable tourism.

NB: Then for economics and financial reasons (as we are an agency so we need to meet our customers criteria), we did not refuse the customers who only cared about their holidays, neither did we force them to follow our ideas, so we developed with classic tourism as well, but always keeping in mind the way of traveling we preferred, and of course always helping the travelers to meet people as soon as they show us even a little wish of it.