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Le Kankourang

01 Sep 2016 - 30 Sep 2017

The Kankourang, object of veneration, of encounters, shared moments recalls, young and less young initiates, are the genius of the ancients, to their bravery and steadfastness for preserving the achievements and gave way to other generations

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Saly hotels and tours

Saloum, Saly, Petite Cote

The Petite Cote provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Senegal's lively cities for travellers searching for a more relaxed Senegalese experience. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country including the seaside resort of Saly Portudal and Reserve de Bandia are located on the 200kms of coastline that make up the Petite Cote.

Forget the worries of urban life thanks to the beautiful ocean views, colourful landscape and slower pace of life.Then, going south a little further, here stands the real experience of a deep inner part of Senegal : the Sine Saloum Delta, its bolongs, its islands, its mangrove. Away from the cities, away from the resorts, here is the wild nature, here is the magnificent and surprising landscape, here is the Niominka way of life, here are the myriads of birds, between earth and water, between sea and river.

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It's easy to find your accommodation to suit you with our extensive range of Saloum, Petite Cote & Saly hotels. If you prefer to choose your accommodation in Petite Cote & Saly based on the hotel's location, click on our Saloum, Petite Cote & Saly Map first.

The seaside resort of Saly is located on the Petite Cote just 10kms from the city of Mbour. Several shops and small businesses, an art and craft market, a movie theatre, casino and a vibrant nightlife make this a popular tourist destination. There are many activities also available from an 18-hole golf course to water skiing, fishing and scuba diving.

Somone is located less than 5km from Saly and is quickly following in the steps of Saly as a popular tourist destination.

The city of Mbour is home to the second most important port in Senegal after the Dakar port. One of its major industries is fishing, and here you can follow the steps the fisheries take from the preparation of the dugouts to the smoking of the fish.

Fifteen kilometres from Saly you will find Reserve de Bandia. One of the countries most popular safari parks, Bandia covers over 3500 hectares of land and is home to many animals including monkeys, crocodiles, rhinoceroses, buffalos, giraffes, antelopes, gazelles and ostriches. You can visit the park in your own car or a rent a vehicle at the office.

Réalirêves is here to make your stay enjoyable. Whether you are seeking full immersion in village, sailing boat cruise, guesthouse, hostel or hotel in Saloum, Petite Cote and Saly we have an interesting choice on venues to suit all budgets. We also offer a diverse range of tour options and some handy general information about the region. Contact us for assistance, we are always happy to help!




From: EUR 90

Location: Saly Portudal



Keur Saloum

From: EUR 40

Location: iles du saloum

From: EUR 90

The Royal Decameron Baobab is located 85 kilometers away from Dakar’s Yoff Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport.


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From: EUR 40

Do not forget our 6 luxury suites, built on the edge of the river with a splendid view of the mangrove. These suites Appellees manatee Saloum, because of our sympathy for this marine mammal threatened with extinction, but present in our waters ...


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Saly is probably the best-known resort in West Africa. The luxury hotels, clubs and restaurants follow one another on a quiet beach

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From: EUR 92

The Royam Hotel situated on « the Little Coast » in Saly offers an exotic and quiet setting in the heart of tropical garden along a superb beach lined with coconut trees. International and senegalese music bands, folk dancing shows.Gift shop, art gallery, Internet lounge, Wifi access, Tv lounge-games, baby-sitting.


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From: EUR 93

shops lodge, 7 bungalows and a suite built on wooden stilts on bolong. Lush tropical garden, fully integrated small pool and a quality restaurant.
Capacity: 10 people

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owes its renowned and changing the original color of its water but also in the Rally Dakar paris he was the final stage surrounded by dune and is situated a few hundred meters from the Atlantic Ocean. We realize a safari of 2 hours in the safari  of Bandia, implanted in a classified forest by 3500 hectares. We can discover the numerous herbivores species of Senegal



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Fadiouth is an island composed by layers of hundred-years-old shells situation in front of Joal and link up with the continent by a wooden bridge 800meters long. Her population is catholic 90%.

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Saloum islands

The Saloum Delta offers 73 000 ha mingling earth Saloum waters of the Atlantic, symphony of colors of the sky and the sea, mangroves, baobab trees, beaches and savannah.

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This Salt Lake owes its renowned and changing the original color of its water but also in the Rally Dakar paris he was the final stage of .Entouré dune and is situated a few hundred meters from the Atlantic.  Kayar artisanal fishing port which is one of the largest of Senegal. During the dry season the canoes tale

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We join the capital Dakar’s port to embark on the rowboat. The panorama is exceptional on this volcanic island: cliffs colonial houses…We arrive in the port to visit the island, to begin with the house of the slaves, commented with emotion by the curator. A very well informed exhibition reminds us the story of the slavery. We go to the fort of Estrées which shelters  


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From: EUR 840

colors mingle pleasantly , simplicity, authenticity and leaves discretion and independence 
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New villa consisting of 2 double bedrooms upstairs each with shower room. On the ground floor a double bedroom and a shower room. Lounge dining room kitchen.
Private garden with a small swimming pool.

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From: EUR 220

Villa in one floor comprises a lounge dining room, kitchen, 3 double bedrooms and one single, two bathrooms and 2 toilets. Private garden, covered terrace, fully air conditioned with fly screens.

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New villa whose garden has direct access to the beach, covered terrace, private garden, lounge, television, dining room, kitchen, 1 double bedroom and a room with 2 single beds. Each room has its bathroom and toilet. Booster water, electric shutters, air conditioning with splits, nice amenities. For maximum 4

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Caring for the destinations in which we work is a core whl.travel value. You too can make a difference by booking from local businesses that care. Look for accommodation and tours displaying the round green caring for the destination icon shown here...

CIcotours welcomes you to Saly

Saly hotels team

In French, the official language of Senegal, "cicotours" means "make dreams come true". Chico the creator of the agency, has pieced together a team that is passionate about West Africa and Senegal in particular. Nogaye and Aminate take care of travellers and handle the bookings to ensure travel itineraries run as smooth as possible. They are also passionate about culture and believe the best form of travel includes a mixture authentic experiences between travellers and the local inhabitants. Together, the Réalirêves team creates genuine exchanges and adventure for their clients.




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